Gideon Levy

Principal and Founder

Gideon Levy founded Sabra Property Management (SPM) in 1993, an Atlanta based Real Estate Management Company.   He has over two decades of experience in acquiring, financing, rehabbing and managing real estate assets and has been involved in real estate as a principal, investor, advisor and corporate executive.

Mr. Levy has successfully acquired, managed, renovated and revitalized multifamily properties throughout the Southeast.  After SPM was formed he purchased devalued real estate such as multi-family apartment communities, community shopping centers and residential single homes.   He is known in the industry for his expertise in multifamily renovations, repositioning of assets and management.

Prior to founding Sabra Property Management, LLC., Mr. Levy founded GDE Renovations, LLC., in 1989.   GDE Renovations is a nationwide company who specializes in multifamily renovations.


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